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Online Learning 

Self-Paced Learning = Your Time, Your Pace!

At Austin Free-Net, we understand that everyone's learning journey is unique. That's why we offer both self-paced learning options and in-person workshops to cater to your needs and schedule.

What is Self-Paced Learning?

Have you ever wanted to learn something but wished you could do it on your own time? That's what self-paced learning is! It's like having a school that waits for you.


Self-paced learning lets you learn how and when you want. You can start, stop, and continue your lessons whenever is best for you. 

The Best Part:

There are endless options for online self-paced training. All you need is internet access and a device, such as a smartphone, iPad, or computer, to do it.


Our Top Picks for Learning Online


Learn how to type fast and correctly!


Lots of cool lessons on different topics.


Learn about staying safe online.


So many courses on computing and online safety!


Improve your computer know-how.


Become a computer whiz!

Need Help? We're here for you!

Meet a Digital Navigator

Want someone to help you step by step? Book a time with our Digital Navigators. Click HERE to book. 

Ask the Instructors

Have a question? Our teachers can help. 

Visit Us

Come to our DeWitty Computer Lab! We have computers you can use. Plus, there's always someone there to help you out.

More Options Coming Soon!

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