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Learn and Earn Program

What is the Learn and Earn Program?

Austin Free-Net's Learn & Earn program is designed to increase community members' access to convenient and private digital devices while simultaneously educating participants on how to use those devices. 

How To Participate



Follow this link to sign up or contact Austin Free-Net for assistance.


Select a Pathway

Choose the best pathway for your participation:

Means Assessment or Digital Learning Literacy.


Claim a Device

Attend the Learn and Earn device distribution event at which you can claim your device.

*Device inventory consists of donated/refurbished items, and claiming a device is based on availability*

Which Pathway is Right for me?

1 / Means Assessment 

If you are in need of a device and qualify for any of the Texas state benefit programs, you can receive a device through our means assessment pathway. Programs include:

  • SNAP Benefits

  • WIC Food Benefits

  • Medicaid

  • TANF Cash Help

  •  Medical Assistance Program (MAP)

  • Social Security

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

2 / Digital Literacy Learning

Austin Free-Net offers a wide variety of basic digital learning opportunities. To complete the "learning" part of this program you will you will need to fulfill two learning modules. You can choose what learning opportunities to fill each module with but each opportunity requires varied effort and commitment.

Choose to fill each module with:

  • Eight hours of self-directed learning (limit to one module)

  • Two Workshops

  • One Class

Would you like to enroll in the Learn & Earn Program?

You can also sign up by calling (737) 238-6787

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