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Mouse and Keyboard Resources

The resources below are especially for beginners who need help with these basic skills. However, some of keyboarding activities are great for improving typing speed and accuracy, and the games are a lot of fun!

Mouse Tutorials

  • Mouse basics in English and Spanish
  • Mousercize - Excellent exercises. Many pages of point and click and scrolling practice. The online forms practice is also a good place to explain the tab, enter, backspace, delete, insert and arrow keys.  Also in Spanish!

Mouse Games

Keyboard Tutorials

Some really good online, free web sites for learning to type on a computer keyboard:

Also very good:

  • Learn the Keyboard - Click on a any key to learn its function and see instructions on its use.
  • Typing Tutorial- This series of 6 "slides" explains how to use your mouse and keyboard to move around in windows and to type and edit text. Practice using the scroll bar, the back space key, the shift key, and selecting text with the mouse, or with the shift key and cursor arrows.
  • Learn to Type - This web site provides free keyboard training. It is easy to sign up, and if you don't have an email address, you can actually write in "I don't have one" in the space provided and you can still sign up! Warning - the games have nothing to do with improving typing skills (though they reinforce mouse skills).
  • Typing Test - This is a good online typing test that tracks both your speed and accuracy.
  • Self-Taught Typing Manual - This manual could be printed out and used even when not online.

Keyboard Games

  • FunSchool Typing Game - Rescue falling letters and words by typing them correctly on the keyboard. Three versions with adjustable skill levels makes this a challenge for anyone.
  • Fill 'Er Up Word Games - Choose a catagory, guess the missing letters, and type in the correct word. Also helps with mouse practice.

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